Present Tense Exercises – With Answers Free PDF Download

There are four types of Present Tenses and in here you will get the Present Tense exercises for all four types of tense that are:

1. Present Indefinite Tense or Simple Present Tense
2. Present Continuous Tense
3. Present Perfect Tense
4. Present Perfect Continuous

Earlier, we discussed the tenses tutorials in Hindi and 100+ example sentences with Hindi/English translation for Present Tense. If you have not check those, we recommend checking those by clicking the links below:

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Now, let’s move to the Present Tense Exercises that Vector Tutorials has provided for all classes, competitive exams to cater the need of every level of students. If you face any difficulties or have any doubts, feel free to share by getting in touch with us.

How to solve the exercises?

Solving the Present Tense exercises is very simple. All you need to do is follow these quick steps:

1. Identify the type of tense and sentence
2. Remember the rule of a particular tense
3. Attempt with the correct answer!

You also need to understand the role of verbs while practicing the tenses exercises. After all, the concept of tenses is due to verbs. If you want to revise, check this verb tutorial here.

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Present Tense Exercises – Fill in the blanks:

These are the first type of Present Tense exercises that you will find here at Vector Tutorials. Fill in the blanks with suitable form of verbs (with or without helping verbs) according to the tenses:

  1. I am ………… to the hospital. (go)
  2. They ……….. playing in the garden. (be)
  3. She ………… to the temple daily. (go)
  4. The Sun ………. in the East. (rise)
  5. My father ………… to the office at 9AM. (go)
  6. Does Ram ……….. football? (play)
  7. He …………. a letter since morning. (write)
  8. She ……….. a song. (not sing)
  9. Am I …………… ? (play)
  10. Mahesh ……………… in the house …………. years. (live, since/for)
  11. Rohit ……… just ……………… (arrive)
  12. ……….. he ever been to Goa? (have)
  13. I ………….. this film. (already see)
  14. ……….. the kids …………. to school yet? (go)
  15. Sarita ……………. in this school for a long time. (teach)
  16. Rani ………… for three hours. (dance)
  17. They …………………….. since morning. (not play)
  18. …………. she …………….. since 3 O’clock? (sing)
  19. ………. have polished the car. (I / He / Ram)
  20. She ………… several times. (knock)

Present Tense – Translation Exercises

Here you will practice translating the Hindi sentences into English sentence and vice versa. Make sure to identify the tense first so you can apply the correct rule.

Translate the following tenses into Hindi sentences:

  1. Ramesh has been living in Alwar since 2002.
  2. Have you gone mad?
  3. They haven’t watched the new film yet.
  4. What are you doing here?
  5. They are preparing for the exams.
  6. She has been ill since Monday.
  7. Have you ever been to London?
  8. I have just completed my homework.
  9. The train has just arrived.
  10. I am having some difficulties with this puzzle.
  11. Have you forgotten your manners?
  12. He is looking for his pen.
  13. We are going to Jaipur tomorrow.
  14. I get up early in the morning.
  15. The Earth revolves around the Sun.
  16. Ram always speaks the truth.
  17. She does not weep.
  18. My sister goes to school every day.
  19. Our school opens in the month of April.
  20. Don’t you play basketball?

Translate the following sentences into English

  1. रोहन हर समय रोता रहता है।
  2. स्नेहा लाइब्रेरी में काम करती है।
  3. वे पार्क के बाहर दौड़ रहे हैं।
  4. क्या आप मॉल नहीं जा रहे हैं?
  5. मैंने स्नान नहीं किया है।
  6. बस पहुँच चुकी है।
  7. वह अभी बाहर गया है।
  8. अभी सात बज गए हैं।
  9. मैंने यह नाटक कभी नहीं देखा।
  10. रीना तीन घंटे से पढ़ रही है।
  11. वे सुबह से तैर नहीं रहे हैं।
Present Tense Exercises with Answers free PDF download

Present Tense Exercises to convert the tenses

In these Present Tense exercises, you have to convert the tense in another tense given in the brackets. For example, you may see a Present Continuous tense, that you will need to convert in the tense name given in the bracket.

For example,

Ram is going to the market. > (Present Perfect) = Ram has gone to the market.

In case of since/for, feel free to use the time or period accordingly.

  1. Rani drinks coffee in the morning. (Present Perfect)
  2. They have gone to Delhi. (Present Indefinite)
  3. The kids are sleeping. (Present Perfect Continuous)
  4. Do you like ice cream? (Present Perfect)
  5. He is living in America. (Present Perfect Continuous)
  6. He has been sleeping since morning. (Present Perfect)
  7. Sarika is not washing the clothes. (Interrogative Present Perfect)
  8. Ramesh teaches in the class. (Negative Present Continuous)
  9. Harish is studying in class X. (Present Perfect)
  10. Suresh has just left. (Present Continuous)
  11. I have done my work. (Negative Present Continuous)
  12. They are not going. (Interrogative Present Perfect)
  13. I understand this situation. (Present Perfect)
  14. Am I not going to the hospital? (Negative Present Indefinite)
  15. Birds fly in the sky. (Present Perfect Continuous)

Those were some of the Present Tense exercises that we provided in this post. You may go through all the exercises and practice the tenses. Some of the exercise questions are easier while others might be complex.

Try to attempt all the questions before checking the answers!

Answers for the above exercises

Check the answers for the above Present Tense exercises. If you face any difficulty with any question, feel free to get in touch with us.

Fill in the blanks:

1. going 2. are 3. goes 4. rises 5. goes 6. play 7. has been writing 8. is not singing 9. playing 10. has lived, for 11. has, arrived 12. has 13. have already seen 14. have, gone 15. has been teaching 16. has been dancing 17. have not been playing 18. Has, been singing 19. I 20. has knocked.

Tense Conversion

i. Rani has drunk coffee in the morning.
ii. They go to Delhi.
iii. The kids have been sleeping for a while.
iv. Have you liked ice cream?
v. He has been living in America since 1990.
vi. He has slept since morning.
vii. Is Sarika washing the clothes?
viii. Ramesh is not teaching in the class.
ix. Harish has studied in class X.
x. Suresh is leaving now.
xi. I am not doing my work.
xii. Have they gone?
xiii. I have understood this situation.
xiv. I do not go to the hospital.
xv. Birds have been flying in the sky.

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