Tuition for Class 11th – 12th

Best Tuition For Class 11th & 12th

Join tuition for class 11th & 12th online today. Start your exam preparation by studying Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, at Vector Tutorials.

Small Batches

If is practically not possible for every student to learn properly in a class having 40-50 students. It becomes very difficult to understand important points in that crowd and also handling all students with equal attention is not possible for every teacher. That’s why Vector Tutorials provide class tuition having small batches. The number of students here varies from 7-15 in every group.

Individual Attention 

Every students is given proper attention and instructions from the faculty. All the students are not able to learn at same speed. Some learn quickly while some take time. We understand this at our tuition center and try to provide individual attention for every student in tuition for 11th – 12th classes.

Doubt Clearance Session

Subjects in class 11-12 are kinda crucial and all the concepts should be clear. In this category, students are able to learn and practice their problem with a very little help. So we organize time to time doubt clearance session to clear doubts and concepts of students in every topic.

Regular Assignments

We provide every student regular assignments so that they can practice their problems at home and it will help them understand a topic more efficiently.

Periodic Tests

Students have to attempt periodic tests on weekly basis in the tuition classes and they can also be attempt the online tests from their home. Practice makes a man perfect and these tests will ensure their command on specific topic.

Support & Suggestions

We provide proper support to every students by conducting reports and getting feedback from students and parents. We try to get suggestions from students and parents and take suitable actions. Students are parents can also contact us 24×7 via Email (in**@ve*************.in) or Facebook Messages.

Tips & Tricks

After conducting specific tests, we optimize their results to find out problems with students. After sorting out the topics in which students face the problem. We try to conducts special classes and provide some tips and tricks to memorize those topics in details.

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