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Offline and Online Courses

Explore the best offline and online courses for all students. Boost your grades and confidence today.


CBSE Courses

We are providing CBSE courses for the following subjects. Along with the tuition classes, you will get access to the AI-based learning and practice platform.


Mathematics Tuition

CBSE mathematics tuition for classes 6-12. (Online+Offline)

Physics Tuition

Build strong concepts by joining CBSE Physics Tuition for classes 11-12. (Online+Offline)

Chemistry Tuition

Understand the concepts of organic and inorganic Chemistry.

Biology Tuition

Join CBSE coaching for Biology tuition and prepare for the NEET exam.

English Tuition

Improve your written and verbal communication skills in English.

Science for Class 6-10

Science tuition classes for CBSE 6-10 (Online+Offline)

Social Science

CBSE tuition classes for Social Science (class 6-10). Online+Offline

Computer & IT

Basic & Advanced Computer Course for class 6-12 students as per CBSE syllabus.

Other Subjects

Tutoring support for other subjects, including Accountancy, Economics, etc.

Govt. Exam Preparation

We have a course that will help you prepare for the government exams. Here you will learn and practice Aptitude, Reasoning, English, and Computer skills.

Govt Exam Preparation

RS-CIT Coaching

Join RS-CIT coaching and get the chance to apply for several Rajasthan Govt jobs.

Aptitude Course

Learn basics and everythign of Quantitative Aptitude for various Govt exams.

Reasoning Course

Understand the concept behind logical reasoning and perform well in exams.

English Coaching

Improve your written and verbal communication by English course.

Interview Preparation

We prepare candidate for Interview to perform well and get selected for the jobs.

Computer Skills

Learn and master the basic and advance computer skills.

Online And Offline Classes
Hybrid Coaching Model

Online & Offline Classes

We provide online tuition classes all over India for Hindi & English medium students. You can also join offline classes at the Vector Tutorials center.

Smart Learning

AI-Based Practice

According to the IQ level, practice questions from a question bank of more than 2 lacs questions and update regularly. Clear your doubts and build a strong concept.

Career Opportunity

After Course Training

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