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CBSE Coaching & Online Learning Center

Join Vector Tutorials and get access to Live Classes, Unlimited Tests, and free study materials that includes CBSE/NCERT notes. Click on the button below to start your learning.


Innovative Online Learning

AI-Based Learning & Practice

Students can now practice questions based on their IQ level and performance. It will help focus on weak concepts in every subject. Parents and guardians can access the performance report at any time.

  • Online + Offline (Hybrid Coaching Model)
  • Individual Attention
  • Live Classes, Free Study Materials, and more!

CBSE Coaching

CBSE Coaching for Class 6-12

We, at Vector Tutorials, are committed to providing quality learning for all the students. Start your exam preparation today and build strong concepts more easily than ever.

CBSE Coaching for Class 6-12
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Why Join Vector Tutorials?

Crash Course

Worried about exams? Join the crash course and clear all doubts to perform well.

AI-Based Practice

Practice questions according to the IQ level and build concepts.

Dedicated Attention

We provide personal dedicated support to every student round the clock.


Choose your hours and learn whenever you are comfortable.

Affordable to Everyone

The fees are the lowest and up to 100% discount for financially weaker students.

Career Guidance

We not only teach students, but we are also here with you at every turn of your career.

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Vector Tutorials Online Learning Center

A supportive group of teachers and professionals

Our team includes a group of supportive and professionals who are experts in their field. After our launch in 2018, we are continuously growing. Get in touch with us to learn more about Vector Tutorials.

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