How to Learn English at Home Easily

In this post, we will discuss how to learn English at Home easily. These tips will help you improve your verbal and written English communication in the comfort of your home. The English language has become an essential part of life due to its popularity around the world. There are more than 1 billion English speakers around the globe. This number is regularly increasing as many people are getting fluent in the English language.

Before starting to the various tips that will improve your English learning at home, let us discuss the importance of English. Knowing its importance will motivate you to work harder on your learning schedule. Although it is just a language, sometimes it becomes a barrier among people.


Importance of English Learning

English is undoubtedly the most popular language in our life. It brings people from around the world together irrespective of their ethnicity, race, and colors. There are more than approximately 160 English dialects around the world. English is the official international language dominating more than 60 countries around the world. Here are some of the reasons that can motivate you to learn and understand the importance of this popular language:

  • Help you get a job: Yes, English can help you get a job in various fields and countries. For example, you can apply to multinational companies if you have the necessary skills and are proficient in English communication (verbal and written).
  • International Language: English is dominating more than 60 countries around the globe and has officially become the international language. Hence, if you want to visit your favorite tourist place in another country, make sure you are fluent in this language.
  • Meet New People: India’s population is more than 130 crores, but around 55 crore people speak Hindi. There are many languages in India that include Punjabi, Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujrati, etc. If you want to explore all the places across the country, you must be comfortable with a familiar but popular language.
  • Internet Language: English is the language of the Internet. More than 59% of websites on the internet are in English. Also, various programming languages such as HTML, JAVA, PHP, Python, etc., are written in English. So, if you want to connect to the internet and access a lot of informative content, you should be comfortable in English.
  • Comfortable Travelling: Let us suppose you are a Tamil guy going for a vacation to Dubai. The people you meet there, the hotel representative, taxi guy, or the airport staff, might not understand Tamil or even Hindi. But, they will understand English. Hence, for a comfortable vacation, you ought to be fluent in English communication.
  • Study & Work Almost Anywhere: If you are fluent in English, then you have the opportunity to study and work almost anywhere in the world. You will find several Schools and Universities around the globe that offer diploma and graduation programs in English. You will also have the chance to work anywhere in the world and get your dream job.
  • Learn the Culture: Different countries have a different culture. Their language is also a part of their culture. If you want to learn more about any culture, you must be fluent in the language the culture follows. For example, you live in a town that has an ancient history. People who visit that city must be fluent in the local language; otherwise, they might not understand anything about it. Since English is widely spoken around the globe, it can be the common language between two cultures.
  • Easy to Learn: the English language is so easy to learn. It might not seem easy initially, but it is one of the easiest languages in the world. Let us suppose a person wants to learn both Chinese and English. There is a huge probability that he/she will learn English at home first.

So now you have understood the importance of English in this world. Before moving further, you should never forget one thing. A language is not a barrier; it is just a way of communication. It is beneficial to be comfortable in multiple languages.

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Why learn English at Home?

Well, that’s a good question. But the answer is simple, TIME & FLEXIBILITY. Learning at home provides you the time and flexibility. In the current busy life scenario, not everyone can learn new skills or even improve their skills. Hence, English learning at home will allow you to choose your own time and be flexible about it.

  • Time: You can choose your own time. There is no need to visit any class and waste time while traveling.
  • Flexibility: If you cannot study on a specific day, it is safe to skip without losing vital information. Resume your learning whenever possible.
  • Access: You have access to all content at home. You can go through various quizzes, worksheets, videos on the internet without stepping out of your home.
  • Lockdown: The world is facing difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic and the lockdown, the educational institutes are closed for student’s safety. At such time, online learning is the only way to continue your studies.

How to learn and practice English at home

If you want to improve your English communication skills, make sure to start slowly and solo. After understanding the basics, you can speed up your learning and improve it by communicating with other people. Yeah, that’s necessary! Now, let us focus on these time-saving tips to improve your communication at home.

Make a plan

Having a plan is vital as “those who fail to plan are simply planning to fail.” It would help if you made a practically possible plan before your start your learning at home. While preparing the plan, make sure to include the holiday or other things that might interrupt your education. Here are some tips for creating an operational plan for studying at home that will help you learn English at home:

  • Keep it straightforward
  • Choose the best time period and create a study time-table
  • The place to learn (room, hall, sofa, bed, etc.)
  • Get the content ready (Grammar books, videos, stories, etc.) and create a personal English-Library for you
  • Try to connect with the culture of English-speaking nation (UK, USA, etc.)

Make sure you give enough time to create the plan as it is the most important for self-study. Do not forget to include any activities that might interrupt your learning in the future. After making a plan for your English learning, let us see what you can do next to start your studies at home.

Learn with English Films & Videos

Learning a language while watching films and videos is entertaining as well as beneficial. You can learn the pronunciation of words and understand familiar terms and grammar more easily while watching English movies and videos. Next time you plan to watch a movie or TV series, make sure to watch it in the English language. Here are some tips that you can follow to learn and practice your English while watching TV and movies:

  • Turn on the subtitles: Make sure you turn on the subtitles while watching movies and TV. Subtitles will help you understand the same word character says on TV. Without subtitles, you might not understand what they were saying as their accent is different than yours.
  • Follow English Vlogs on YouTube & Facebook: You can follow some English Vlogs of different categories on Facebook and YouTube. It will help you improve your vocabulary. In the beginning, we recommend you follow the channel of your country having the same accent like yours.
  • News Channels: For first-time learners, listening and watching English news might be challenging. It happens because the news channel anchors speak rapidly while reading the news; they might use complex words that you might not have any idea about. But, watching English news channels every day for 15-20 minutes can help you improve both; your vocabulary and listening skills.

Radio, Podcasts, and Music

While watching TV and movies, you might not entirely focus on what the person is saying. It’s all because of the visual effects. But, listening to the Radio, Podcasts, or Music can help you focus only on the words. Any headline or visuals won’t distract your listening, and you will improve your English vocabulary more efficiently.

  • In the beginning, listen to the songs that have soft music. Loud music in songs might make it harder to understand the lyrics.
  • Try to write down the words you listen on Radio and Podcasts; especially the tough ones.

English Learning Books – Grammar, Stories, Poems, Novels

When you are going to learn something, how can you forget the books? Make sure to read important English learning books to improve your English skills. These books should include Grammar, Novels, Poems, and Stories. English Grammar books are the most important if you have no idea about the basics. Grammar is necessary to join the words and create a meaningful sentence accurately. Here are some tips that you can follow while learning English from books:

  • Learn and Practice the Grammar basics first and anything else later
  • Become a bookworm and read some interesting novels, stories, or poems. Here are some of the best-selling novels you can find on Amazon.
  • Do not forget the textbooks: If you have access to textbooks then do follow them. The textbooks are created according to the student’s level, and they cover everything starting from the beginning.
  • Read blogs, articles, news online – make it a habit

Practice with Mobile Apps

There are some mobile apps that you can install on your smartphone to practice English anytime you want. Suppose you are getting bored while waiting for someone, open the app, and learn something new every day. On the Play Store and App Store, you will find a lot of English Learning Apps. Mobile apps are a great option when you want to learn English at home.

  • Learn new words
  • Take quizzes

Try Speaking at Home

When you have understood the basics of English and can create sentences (even if they are not entirely accurate), try speaking at home. When you communicate with a member of your family, try to communicate in English. Speaking is the only way that will make you fluent in any language. Practicing spoken English eliminates the hesitation with a new language. Communicating in English at home is the best way you can follow to improve your verbal communication.

  • Translate and speak daily-use sentences
  • Try to communicate with someone who is proficient in English communication
  • Identify your mistakes (Grammatical, Pronunciation, etc.) and correct them next time
  • Speak in English while on the phone
  • Record your voice and check for the errors

Think in English

For those trying to learn spoken English, this is the best way to improve your verbal communication skills. Start thinking in English. You will never be fluent in English if you think in another language and translate it into English. It is time-consuming and not reliable too. You should start practicing English Thinking in your mind.

  • When you are free and planning something in your mind, try to do it in English.
  • Whenever you read anything in your local language, think about it in English.
  • Look at objects and analyze them in English. For example, when you see a tree, think about its properties, benefits, and condition in English.

Learn New Words & Synonyms on

Learning new words is helpful for your vocabulary. You can learn new words and build a strong vocabulary by finding synonyms at Thesaurus is the best website for find synonyms for any term. Here is how you can learn English synonyms daily from the thesaurus:

  1. Visit
  2. Type any word in the search bar on top
  3. Press enter
  4. You will see all the synonyms
  5. Note down 4-5 synonyms that you had no idea about earlier
  6. Learn these synonyms
  7. That’s how you will learn new words daily

Practice English Writing at Home

Write everything that goes in your mind. When you practice English writing at home, you automatically improve your English skills. Suppose you have written about your daily routine on a sheet; when you read that routine later, you will be able to identify the errors, structure, and other things. Make writing a hobby. If you are good at something, you can even start your own blog in English.

  • Join internet forums and connect with people online
  • Chat and text in English on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media
  • Start your own blog in English
  • Make planning in English
  • Write dialogues (e.g., whatever happened with you on a particular day)
  • Plan a trip to your favorite place and do not forget to include everything

Follow the above writing tips, and you will learn English at home efficiently and quickly.

Monitor your progress and Reward yourself

Make sure to monitor your learning progress and reward yourself upon completion of small goals. It will keep you motivated, and you will eventually work harder to learn English at home or anywhere. Monitoring the progress from time to time will help you identify the common grammatical errors you make, and you will learn about the topics you have completed.

  • Choose short time goals to monitor efficiently
  • Give yourself a break or reward with something else
  • Stay motivated with the improvements you make

Prepare and attempt competitive exams

You can prepare and attempt various competitive exams. These exams will test your English language skills thoroughly, and you will know where you stand. The competitive exams are designed by professionals having great experience in teaching and tutoring. Also, there is a time limit to attempt these questions; you will answer them quickly. Here are some of the best competitive exams that you can try:

  • Prepare for IELTS and TOEFL
  • Attempt Govt. job exams (Banking, SSC, etc.)
  • Visit and follow ESL websites

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You can also join online English coaching classes at Vector Tutorials to learn English at home efficiently. We provide English coaching classes for everyone willing to learn English at home. You can practice on our AI-based learning platform and attend various quizzes and tests. We also provide on-demand notes, videos, ppt, and other study materials to improve your English learning at home. Here are some features of joining English classes at Vector Tutorials:

  • Flexible timing
  • Online classes (learn and practice English at home)
  • Experienced Teachers
  • AI-Based learning platform
  • Quizzes
  • Worksheets
  • Doubt sessions
  • and lot more!

Learn English at Home Now!

So we have discussed the best ways you can use to learn English at home. Try the methods mentioned above and let us know if those worked for you. We will share more educational tips and guides on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Vector Tutorials is committed to providing quality learning at affordable pricing. Get in touch to discuss your educational requirements and get a free consultation.

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