How to Prepare for JEE Main at Home

In this post, we will provide you with various tips on how to prepare for JEE Main at Home. These tips will help you cover your syllabus and clear the doubts more conveniently, and you will be able to practice at the comfort of your home. If you are thinking about whether it’s possible to crack JEE exam without taking admission into JEE coaching institutes, then yes, it is possible. All you need is proper planning and guidance to complete your syllabus and understand the core concepts of the topics.

JEE or the Joint Entrance Examination is an entrance exam conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) for Engineering admission in various IITs, NITs, IIITs, and other technical institutes. Students are allotted to the top institutes based on their rank achieved in JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Till 2018, JEE exams were conducted by CBSE (Central Board of School Education).

How To Prepare For Jee At Home

IITs and NITs are undoubtedly top engineering institutes of India. However, the popularity and quality of education in IITs have made JEE one of the most challenging exams in India. Of course, it is not an easy task to clear the most difficult exam. However, you can still crack this exam and get admission into your dream institute. In this post, I will guide you with the tips and tricks to follow if you want to prepare for JEE Mains at Home.

Before moving further, please do one thing. Take a deep breath and promise yourself that you will give your best and have confidence in yourself.

Done that? Ok, let’s move on with our main topic: How to prepare for JEE Exams at Home?

Choose the Right Books

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Before starting preparation for JEE Mains at home, you need to take a significant step by choosing the appropriate books. And by books, I refer to the Hard Cover books (try avoiding the PDFs). I will tell you the reason behind it soon. You will require two types of books to prepare for JEE Main at Home: Textbooks and Reference books.

Start with NCERT Books

Whenever you prepare for any exam, always start with the NCERT books. It is because NCERT books are helpful in concept building and understanding the basics. Also, around 60% of the JEE Main paper is based only on NCERT books. Therefore, if you start preparing these books, you will quickly clear the basics and advance to the core concepts.

Another benefit of starting with NCERT books is that you are familiar with these books. Most of the boards in India follow the NCERT pattern for school education.

Reference Books for JEE Main

NCERT books are great, but they cover around 60% of the paper, as I said earlier. But, what about the remaining 40%? To cover the remaining syllabus, you need to go through some reference books. There are many reference books that you might have heard of followed in previous classes. Some of these books are Algebra by Dr. S.K. Goyal, Objective Mathematics by R.D. Sharma, Chemistry books by Morrison, O.P. Tandon, and Physics books by H.C. Verma, D.C. Pandey, Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker, etc.

These reference books are suitable to cover topics from basic level to advanced levels. You can find and purchase more JEE books on Amazon and start preparing for JEE Main at home.

Try to Avoid the Soft Copy (PDFs)

When you study and prepare for any exam, you should always try to go for the hard copy copies instead of the soft copies. That is why because when you use PDFs on your computer, there are chances that you might be distracted by notifications, internet connection, and social media. Also, you might not focus on the PDF version of books in the same way you could focus on the Hard Copy. PDF books are great alternatives, but you need more dedicated attention to study properly using PDFs.

Time Management

Time management is the key to success – Said many times, followed many times, and still works. The pandemic might have provided a lot of time for preparations, but it will not always be the case. Therefore, you need to take care of the time you have and how you will utilize this time to prepare for JEE Main exams.

Prepare a good and working timetable according to your needs and capabilities. Make sure you do not force yourself for something you can not do at once. For example, do not force yourself to study for 20+ hours a day directly. Instead, follow these tips to manage time while preparing for JEE Main at home properly:

  1. Know your weak and strong topics
  2. Test yourself: take a small exam or mock test by yourself
  3. Test the stamina: Try studying for 4-5 hours a day initially and gradually increase it.
  4. Prefer Quality over quantity: Do not worry if you can not study for 18+ hours a day. Learning with a complete focus for 10-12 hours is also sufficient.
  5. Know the priorities: Prioritize your time according to the subject and topics that need your attention.
  6. Include everything: When you create a timetable, do not forget to include everything (entire daily routine) and possible distractions.
  7. Ready, Steady, Go: Start your preparation as soon as possible.

Do not worry if you are unable to follow your timetable initially strictly. Remember, we are not machines, we are human, and nobody is perfect. Therefore, it may take time to set up an utterly ideal time plan as per your requirement. Just keep your goal in mind and never give up.

Avoid Social Media & Unnecessary Contacts

You have asked yourself how to prepare for JEE Main exam, but did you ask yourself how you would achieve your goal if you can not avoid social media? When you prepare for any exam, whether it be a school exam for class 8 or a competitive exam for JEE, GATE, Govt. Job, social media is your biggest enemy. Yes, that’s true. It takes less than 1 second to distract someone with the help of social media.

It might not necessarily be your friend who is texting you, it might be any irrelevant notification Facebook and Instagram sends you periodically. They not only distract you for that moment, but they might eat up your entire schedule for the day. So follow the below points if you really want to prepare for JEE Main exam at home:

  • Deactivate social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, or whatever you’re using) temporarily
  • Switch to a basic phone or say a big NO to phone for sometime
  • You friends and relative can contact you at your home phone in case of emergency
  • Do not make unnecessary friends and simply avoid unnecessary contacts; try to focus on the preparation only

Reward Yourself

It might not be the most crucial part of your exam preparation at home, yet it is recommended that you reward yourself from time to time. When we work hard for a long time and sacrifice some of the important things for that hard work, we tend to expect even a little in return. Therefore, challenge yourself with short-term goals such as Physics Chapter, Mathematics Formulas, etc., and reward yourself once you have achieved that goal.

Now, you might wonder, what to reward yourself with? Do not worry; you are preparing for JEE Main at home, and you have several options. For example, you may reward yourself with your favorite dish, a good sleep, talk to your favorite person, etc. Rewarding yourself also motivates you to work harder.

Studying Maths to Prepare for JEE Main at Home

So far, we have discussed various tips and tricks to help you prepare for JEE Main at home. Now we will move further on to the subjects. Till now, we have discussed everything except the subjects. Let us start by studying maths at home. Maths in JEE Main are basic, and you will find questions in the exam that you might have already attempted in NCERT books and NCERT examples. But, keep in mind to prepare from reference books too.

Studying maths to prepare for JEE Main requires practice, practice, and more practice. To study and practice mathematics, you need to take care of the following points:

  • Solve the questions completely by following proper steps
  • Prepare sets/structure to solve the questions (for example, take any 20-25 questions from an exercise and solve them all and then check the answers). It will improve the accuracy and timing of both.
  • Make a sheet for all the maths formulas and try to memorize every formula in that sheet. While preparing the formula sheet, take older formulas (formulas from previous classes) into consideration.
  • Solve questions from previous year JEE Main and Advance papers
  • Try to take part in test series (online or offline)

Those are the tips that you should follow while studying Mathematics to prepare for JEE at home. Before trying to attempt any questions, think about it:

  • what is asked
  • what is given
  • what formula can you use
  • what is your approach

How to study for JEE Main at home – Physics

So, you know now how you can study mathematics and prepare for JEE Main at home. Now, let’s see what you can do for Physics. Most of the students face problems while studying Maths and Physics. But, you know what, you can quickly solve complex problems efficiently and master any topic in Physics. All you need to do is understand the question and the solution clearly. So, whenever you see a question in Physics (of any topic), whether it’s a numerical or expression derivation, take a moment and note down these points:

  • information presented in the question
  • what is asked
  • logic you can apply

That’s it. If you do that properly, it will be a piece of cake to solve any physics problem. Make sure you read the question correctly (if require, read it thrice). Make it a habit to read questions at least 2-3 times. That will improve your question reading skills and might help you with the solution and logic. While studying any Physics topic at home, always ask yourself questions. For example, whenever you learn, try to find a question in every 2-3 lines.

Also, you need to keep in mind in Science, all you need to apply is logic. Never try to solve any problem with merely an assumption. It will surely confuse you at the exam time, and you might end up messing up the answer. Always stick to the logic and focus only on “What is given” and “What is asked.

While studying Physics to prepare for JEE Main at home, you need to have good books with you as I have already told you guys to follow the NCERT books initially and cover the basics. You will also need reference books and NCER Exampler problems. You can also join online or offline test series to test your performance. Always remember, formulas and expressions are an essential part of Physics, and you will master these with practice only.

How to prepare for JEE at home – Chemistry

Chemistry is the easiest part of the JEE syllabus. It is theoretical mainly, and you can quickly learn and understand the essential topics. While studying Chemistry, it is a good idea to prepare notes. But you should remember, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry requires a different type of preparation. You can memorize and summarize the essential topics and points in Inorganic Chemistry, but you can not apply the same approach to Organic Chemistry.

Organic Chemistry is a bit complex, and it requires you to understand the problem and apply the logic. You need to focus on the concepts and mechanisms. Here are some tips that you must follow while preparing for JEE Main at home:

  • Read each line in NCERT books carefully.
  • Understand the concepts but never forget the exceptions
  • Remember all basic formulas and solve numerical problems
  • Take part in online or offline test series
  • Solve previous years papers
  • Solve NCERT example problems and follow the reference books after completing the NCERT books
  • Go through the notes you have prepared once a week.

So those were some tips to study Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics while preparing for JEE at home. When you understand each point and start following the above guides, you will see that it would become easier to study for hours at home. However, if you want to alter the above tips according to your requirements, you can do so. But never try to go for the shortcut.

Keep in mind that the JEE exam is not a piece of cake, requiring constant focus and preparation. It is not impossible to crack JEE Main exam but a bit difficult. Most of the students focus on getting the marks in their exams, and they eventually skip the basic concepts and essential terms. But, that’s not the case in JEE or any other competitive exam; you need to build strong concepts.

Other Tips to Prepare for JEE Main at Home

Here are some other tips that you should follow to prepare for JEE Main at home. These are the final tips that you can apply to your study schedule. You might have heard about these from your parents, teachers, or friends. However, studying and preparing for exams at home is not that easy as it seems; you may find distractions, get bored, or divert from your goal. In such a case, it is necessary to remember few tips in mind:

  • Smart work is better than hard work: Yes, that’s true. We have discussed how you can improve your exam preparation at home by working hard. But, it is good to do smart work with hard work. Or I would simply say, “Be smart while working hard.” For example, you might end up diverting from your goal if you are stuck in any doubt. Now, it will be a good idea to clear your doubt with the help of the internet. But, it would be best if you were careful with the limited use of the Internet.
  • Follow the timetable but stay positive: You need to follow the schedule strictly, but it does not mean you push yourself too much harder beyond your physical and mental capabilities. Of course, you have to prepare for the exam and follow the rules, but stay positive and motivated.
  • Health is Wealth: It’s an old saying, but true! You need to take care of your health too when you prepare for JEE Main at home. Although your schedule will change, you will not get the time for activities to stay refresh. But, health is more important than anything else. Also, if you feel sick, you will not be able to study at all.
  • Rewards are important: As I have already said, make short goals and reward yourself with something that will refresh your mind. These rewards are necessary, they won’t let you get bored, and you will be motivated to prepare well for JEE at home.
  • Join Online or Offline Test Series: It is a good idea to join any online or offline test series so that you can practice questions and build concepts. Experienced professionals prepare these test series. You can find a coaching center nearby and join offline test series there, or you can join online AI-Based practice at Vector Tutorials. Here, you can solve questions based on your IQ level and prepare for JEE main at home easily.

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