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Maths Tuition

Maths Tuition

Join Maths Tuition classes at Vector Tutorials prepare yourself for the exams. Here you can find Mathematics coaching classes for class 6-12, JEE/NEET, and other higher-level examinations.

Find Maths Tutor for These Classes

We provide Maths tuition classes for various classes and competitive exams. When you join us for Mathematics tuition, you work on your best skills and learn new ways to build your concepts.

Maths Tuition for Class 6-8

Learn the basics and start building concepts from the middle classes.

Tuition for Class 9-10

Advance to the secondary level of mathematics problems in 9-10.

Class 11-12

Clear your doubts and prepare for JEE/NEET while preparing for final school exams.

Engineering Mathematics

Problems with Engineering mathematics? Do not worry; we have the solutions.

Competitive Exams

Understand the core concepts and prepare for quantitative aptitude to clear Govt exams.


Taking part in Olympiads? Practice problems on our AI-based learning platform.

Why Join Mathematics Coaching at Vector Tutorials

Experienced Tutors

Experienced Teachers

We have qualified Maths teachers having many years of experience in teaching and tutoring. They are experts in their subjects, and they make sure you grab proper command on every topic.

Tests and Assignments
Practice Problems

Regular Tests

Every student have to attemp regular tests, quizzes, and assignments to monitor their performance and practice accordingly. Also, we have the Artificial Intelligence-based learning platform for better concept building.

Online and Offline Classes
Hybrid Coaching

Offline & Online Classes

The Hybrid Coaching model allows students to get benefits from online and offline classes. You can join live classes or join our tuition center.

Clear Your Doubts

Doubt Sessions

Doubt sessions in Maths tuition classes are necessary to build vital concepts. Students can get in touch with a Maths tutor to schedule a doubt session and practice more efficiently at home.

More with Maths Tuition…

That’s not all. We have something more for our students. After joining Vector Tutorials, you get access to the following features for free.

Study Materials

Free notes, videos, and sample paper sheets to practice anytime.

Free AI Practice

You get access to AI-based learning & practice platform for free.

Free Demo Classes

Still, confused about joining maths tuition? Get a free demo class session today!

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Limited Seats Available

Take the eligibilty test and get up to 90% instant discount on all courses. Valid for first 100 students.

Got Questions?

Maths tuition at Vector Tutorials provides basic needs to understand mathematical operations and score well in Maths exam. If you’re looking for Mathematics coaching online or offline, then Vector Tutorials is the best option you have got. We understand the importance of basic concepts in Mathematics.

How to study Maths with Vector Tutorials?

Studying Mathematics with Vector Tutorials is too easy. All you need to do is register yourself, and we will be in touch with you to schedule the demo class. If you are in a suitable location, you can opt for an offline course. Otherwise, you can join the online class from your home. Do not worry; you will have the best chance to learn with online Maths classes. Follow the below steps to join Vector Tutorials:

  • Click here to visit the student registration page and fill necessary information.
  • We will set up your account, and you will receive further information in your email.
  • Choose a comfortable timing and schedule a demo class
  • Attend demo class using your smartphone or computer, and clear your doubts
  • After the demo class, get in touch with us and understand the fee structure. We have the lowest fees starting at ₹299/month.
  • Pay the fees and start your learning journey with us.
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