Get Good Marks in Class 10 [10 Tips]

You can get good marks in the class 10 Maths exam by learning the basics of your subjects. This post focus on a guide for class 10 students to help them score excellently in their exams. Maths is one of the craziest subjects for some students, and they are clueless about solving problems.

How to get good marks in the Class 10 Maths Exam

1. Do the Preparation

First thing first, before executing the primary task, do the preparation. Here, preparation means get yourself ready to perform well. You may need to change your daily way if this doesn’t include dedicated hours for your study.

2. Prepare the Notes

Ensure you prepare separate notes for essential formulas and rules, which will help you revise your topics quickly anytime. You can use these notes from time to time and mainly in exam time to revise better and get good marks in the Class 10 maths exam.

3. Practice, Practice and Practice

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Practice makes a man perfect! If you haven’t heard that line before, then reread it and feed it in your mind. You can increase your accuracy and speed with practice only. The more you practice maths problems, the more chance you get to perform well in exams. So, do not forget to practice the maths exercises. And, there is no limit on how much you practice; you will have to do it until you’re efficient and confident enough to score higher.

4. Note Down the Mistakes and Work on Them

Mistakes are the most crucial factor in any exam performance. It would be best if you avoid mistakes in the exam copy. When you start preparing for your exams, you should always track the mistakes that you usually make. Note all those down and then review those mistakes you’re making (either silly or severe).

5. Know the pattern of your Exam Paper

If you know the pattern of your exam paper, then there are more chances to do better in your class 10 maths exam. You can follow previous year’s question papers and sample papers to revise them and know the exam pattern. This will make you aware of the types of questions being asked in the final exams.

6. NCERT is best to get good marks in class 10 Maths.

Yes, that is true. If you’re focussing on getting good marks in the class 10 maths exam, then studying from NCERT is best. Do not forget any of the sums from your NCERT book, whether from the exercise you have done or from the solved examples. You need to review all the maths problems in your NCERT book, which will help you get good marks.

7. Timing is the key!

You need to learn time management before you’re ready to attempt an exam. Suppose if you’re spending too much time on some specific sums, then you will probably lose the time to attempt other questions. Always try to solve the sums you are confident about. It will allow you to save more time on complex maths problems. You can analyze your timing by practicing each maths chapter efficiently.  That will help you understand your performance on topics and improve timing.

Usually, the maximum time in the final exam is of 3 hours. This depends on different boards and ranges in between 2 – 3 hours. You can get yourself ready for the exams by achieving the following timing:

  • 2 – 2.5 minutes for 1-mark maths problems
  • 4-5 minutes for 2-marks maths questions
  • 6-7 minutes for 3 marks questions
  • 9-10 minutes for 4/5 marks maths questions
  • 12-16 minutes for 6/8 marks questions

When you achieve better timing than the timing mentioned earlier, it means you’re following proper time management. Also, don’t forget to check the weightage of every chapter; this will help you work on your timing.

8. Work on Mathematics Calculations

Getting good marks in class 10 maths or any other maths subject means you need to work on your calculations. You can’t perform well if you’re not efficient enough in your calculations. It would be best to learn your tables (up to 25 or at least 20). These tables will help improve your sums solving skills and speed.

9. Read the Problem Carefully

Before you try to solve the maths problems, you should read it carefully and understand what it is saying. If you’re not reading correctly, then you may miss some tricks in the question and end up getting an incorrect answer. Reading the question carefully is the fundamental key to get good marks in the maths exam.

10. Stay Relaxed!

You need to keep yourself relaxed and never think about any challenging maths problems too much. Never overthink about your upcoming performance. Just focus precisely on what you should do instead of something which will happen later. Keep your mind and heart concentrated on your current study and problems instead of any third particle which will disrupt you and unbalance your mind.

Those were some of the best tips that will help you get good marks in the class 10 maths exam. You can easily prepare your schedule and start preparation right now. The above things are just focused on your exam preparations. We will add a few more tips to help you attempt your board exam better. Please feel free to share the problems you’re facing, and we will try to solve those at our best. All the best for your exam season!

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