Effects of COVID-19 on Education in India

Hello teachers, students, and guardians! Today we will discuss the effects of COID-19 and the lockdown on Education in India. You are aware of the current situation that seems to be improving, but the possibility of a third wave might worsen it. Schools are already shut, and so are coaching institutes and training centers.

There is no doubt that some drastic changes in everyone’s life and students are highly affected by it. I will share my views about current scenarios. if you have any feedback or want to share your views, then please do not hesitate to comment down in the box below.

Current COVID-19 Situation

The current COVID-19 situation in India has brought some relief as compared to May. But it’s not over yet. With new deadly variants found in various states across the country, the speculation might be sadly true about the upcoming third wave. The medical institutes across the country are trying to study the new variants (i.e., Delta Plus) and avoid the third wave. However, it’s not possible to prevent a third-wave without the support of every citizen.

People must follow the COVID-19 guidelines. Currently, there are less than 4.5 Lakhs active cases (13th July), but if the situation worsens, the number can double within a single day. In the first week of May, we had already witnessed when new cases broke all the records and added around 4.15 lakhs in a single day. Hence, the situation is not completely under control, and things can go wrong at any time.

School Shut Due To Covid19

COVID-19 Effects on School Education

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It’s been more than a year since the schools shut for the first time due to increasing COID19 cases in 2020. There is still no confirmation about the opening of schools from any state government or central government. The effects of COVID-19 on Education can be widely seen as the parents are starting trends on social media and demanding to open the schools. Teachers are also against the shutting of schools and demanding to open them soon. You can refer to the social media posts I have shared here.

In shorts, almost everyone is fed up with the lockdown and closure of schools. The students are getting promoted to the new classes without exams to save the year, but is that the solution? No, the learning has got a bad hit due to COVID-19. However, people need to understand the upcoming scenario and follow the recommended guidelines to wear masks, avoid crowding places, and reduce physical interactions as much as possible. If we do not follow the process to keep ourselves and others safe, we would have to face consequences similar to what happened in May.

There are some points that highlight the effects of COVID-19 on school education in India:

  • Most of the teachers are not receving entire salary
  • Lack of extra curricular activities has reduced the overall growth of students
  • Extra curricular faculties (sports coach, PTI, etc.) lost their jobs
  • Many schools laidoff many teachers
  • Increased learning inequalities among students due to digital transformation of the classrooms
  • Shutting down of school can impact the health and nutrition of students (below Class VIII)

Some states might allow the opening of the schools by the end of July for higher classes (Class IX-XII). CBSE has already released the instructions for the new academic year 2021-2022 by dividing it into two terms with a rationalized syllabus similar to the previous year.

Effects of COVID-19 on Students in India

Yes, the schools are closed, but they are providing online classes to the students. Does this affect the students in any term? It does. Being in a school build and improve social skills for any student. Also, it allows them to explore more learning opportunities and concentrate better when the teacher is standing right in front of them. Online classes are being used as a substitute for offline classrooms, but they also create a distraction for students.

While attending the online classes, we need to use a smartphone or laptop, which has to be connected with a reliable internet connection. Having access to a good internet connection draw students’ attention towards social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and other destructive activities.

There have been some instances where students played video games on the phone while attending the class on a computer/laptop. Also, attending online classes for too long has a harmful effect on the eyes too.

Covid19 Effects On Students

Here are some points that highlight the effects of COIVD19 on Students:

  • No proper concentration
  • Additiction toward smartphone and social media
  • Poor effect on eyes
  • Online classes are not good for health and nutrition
  • No practical / project knowledge
  • Almost negligible education for students below Class V
  • Lack of social communication
  • Reports of continuous headaches in students due to continuous live classes

However, many students are trying hard to overcome the negative impact of COIVD19 on their education in the hope of learning. These students are worried about their future and using digital tools in a positive environment. It needs good concentration to study properly at home. Here are some tips that you can follow to study efficiently at home.

Students preparing for JEE Mains can follow these tips to start their preparation at home without waiting for the offline classes. You can also join a good online learning center until the Pandemic situation is entirely under control.

Effects of Lockdown on Parents/Guardians

The lockdown caused by the pandemic has highly affected the lives of many parents/guardians across the country. Most of them have lost their jobs, and many of those are only receiving half of their salary.

At the same time, some of them are lost due to COVID-19. Even after getting half or no compensation, they are expected to pay entire school fees. Also, they are still concerned that their children are receiving proper education in online classes.

Parents having junior kids have to stay with the kids while teaching them something through the internet. This has also put extra burden and stress on them. The effect can be seen on their lifestyle and behaviour. Here is how the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown has affected the lives of Parents and Guardians:

  • No or reduced salary in the name of Pandemic
  • Extra expanses of setting up digital classroom at home (smartphone, computer, internet connection, electricity bills, etc.)
  • Increased cases of mental health issue among parents
  • It’s become difficult to work at home and handling chilren simultaneously
  • Inflation and high-feees

Effect of Corona Pandemic on Teachers

So far, we have discussed the effects of COVID-19 on school education, students, and parent. We are still left with the highly affected teachers because of the lockdown and other COIVD19 guidelines. Many of the teachers are not tech-friendly and had to lose their jobs merely because of that.

They are not receiving the entire salary and had to work extra to earn minimum wages. Here is how teachers have spent the last 15 months of the pandemic in India:

How Covid19 Is Affecting Teachers
  • Lost jobs as the school management decided to put some staff on hold
  • Reduction in salaries in many private schools
  • Problems setting up online classes at home
  • Sudden transformation to digital life
  • Increased number of mental health issues
  • Many of the teachers are trying different professions to earn something

As you can see there have been so many negative effects of COVID-19 on Education in India. It has affected everyone including but not limited to Students, Teachers, and Parents. We are still hoping to avoid the third wave of the Delta Plus variant and prevent casualties. It has not only disturbed the education sector but also the Economical conditions of everyone.

Please read the post carefully and share your views here in the comment section. Also, if you have any feedback related to the content on this website, please feel free to get in touch with us at in**@ve*************.in.

Thank you so much for reading it to the end. Please stay safe and follow the precautions to keep everyone safe.

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