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Vector Tutorials is committed to providing quality learning at affordable pricing. Kickstart your learning with Artificial Intelligence based intelligent learning and practice platform.

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The form is currently disabled as the registrations are paused! We will soon re-open the registration!

Feel free to explore the website and get in touch with us for any queries.

Vector Tutorials


Innovative Online Learning

AI-Based Learning & Practice

Students can now practice questions based on their IQ level and performance. It will help focus on weak concepts in every subject. Parents and guardians can access the performance report at any time.

  • Online + Offline (Hybrid Coaching Model)
  • Individual Attention
  • Live Classes, Free Study Materials, and more!

CBSE Coaching

CBSE Coaching for Class 6-12

We, at Vector Tutorials, are committed to providing quality learning for all students. Start your exam preparation today and build strong concepts more easily than ever.

CBSE Coaching for Class 6-12
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Discover new learning possibilities!

Know your potential and discover new learning possibilities. We are dedicated to providing quality education. You will get Video Lectures, On-Demand Classes, and Free Study Materials. 

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